20 de jan de 2009

Can you help the BBC? - cannabislobby.org

para leitores do filipeta no Reino Unido, duas perguntas...

1/ vocês existem?
2/ querem participar dessa parada aí?

Filipe T. A. da Massa

We received an e-mail from a gentleman at the BBC today asking if any young (18-24) cannabis users would like to appear on film.

With the reclassification of cannabis looming large on the horizon, the BBC, to their credit, are seeking supporters from both camps to give their opinions, and from a cannabis activism point of view this is a great opportunity to put a message out there.

So if you ever fancied appearing on the BBC news, nows your chance.

If you would like to get involved please drop by the Cannabis Lobby by clicking through the following link.


I hope to see you soon.

Red Dragon

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